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Suyash Solutions

Patented Technology,
Indian as well as International patent registration

Our Vision

To further expand in India to supply quality products to every plant easily & economically.With our existing global network of delears, overseas foundries & steel plants are using our products & have acknowledged the benifites.Suyash recognize the business potential in global foundries & steel industry. Suysah is committed to benefit them with truley world class made in India technology and products.With the aim to double the export volume sale in next two years, Suyash is fast increasing delear network in emerging market in other countries.

  • BVQI Certified ISO-9000 company.
  • In house Resurch & Devlopment facility.
  • Fully automatic production line.
  • Pan India Sales & Service network.
  • Global presence with wide network of dealers.

Indian as well as International Patent for Carbon Cup technology for thermal analysis.

Benifits of new thermal ananlysis Carbon Cup technology

  • Quick result
  • Improved accuracy
  • Envoirnment friendly
  • Saving energy
  • Saving metal
  • Saving natural resources

Other Products

  • Carbon Silicon Analyser.
  • Temperature indicator- wall mounted / portable type.
  • Portable Indicator with wirless remote display.
  • Remote Jumbo Display.
  • Smart Spectrometer Display.
  • Carbon Cup, Temperature Tips.
  • Sampler Probe.
  • R, S, & B type temperature tips for BoF, LF, VD, Caster.
  • Oxy lab & oxy probe to check oxygen PPM. 2 in 1 Probe.


See how we made these products perfect

SATISH KELKAR and ANANT KAKATKAR, the two Promoters and Directors Specialized themselves in Thermal Technology. They mainly targeted Steel and Iron Market. Their design competence and the back up of Research & Development gave Birth to Temperature Measuring Instruments, Carbon Silicon Analysers, Temperature measurement tips and Carbon Cups used for chemical analysis.