Suyash ONLINE SG Iron

Salient Features

  • Actual cooling curve is stored.
  • Job-wise parameters and target values are stored and used
  • Existing equipments can be upgraded to ONLINE
  • Colour codes for different types of metals for convenience
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Features with Carbon cup

  • Can analyse composition of very high CE values
  • Target levels for each job to alert the operator
  • Job, Heat / Melt number, Iron type are stored for data analysis
  • Job wise charge calculation can be seen
  • Facility to feed composition of Steel, Pig iron, returns etc to calculate charge mix
  • Recommended alloy addition from results of Spectrometer / Carbon Silicon Analyser is displayed

Features with CE cups

  • Nodularity
  • Nodule Count
  • Secondary shrinkage
  • Solidification mode of treated metal : Hypo-Eutectic, Eutectic, Hyper-Eutectic or their combination is detected. Carbides detection
  • Residual Magnesium detection